STARRY IDEAS!! was created over 10 years ago to fill a void in the Adult Baby community.
The goal was to provide one of a kind clothing that cannot be found anywhere else.
My company grew with my website and my postings in my FETLIFE gallery ( Tom_AB ).

This website was created to make the AB community aware of my line of products and get the word out.

As you view the items, keep in mind that you are buying a unique one of a kind item.
You have total input into its creation. I specialize in custom embroidery and my use of

Since the made from scratch items are made to your measurements,
the items you buy from me will be better than the "off the rack" items in eBay.

Starry Ideas!! Is a home-based company. We produce every item when you order it.

Each item is given the attention to detail it deserves.
This produces an item that you will be proud to wear and show off.
I also do baby items as gifts for actual babies and toddlers.
They have been used as gifts for baby showers, Christmas and birthdays..

Remember in the end: " A cheap pizza is just a cheap pizza!! "