STARRY IDEAS!! Was created to fill a need in the adult baby market for unique items that cannot be found anywhere else. This means that your item will not be duplicated, as I will change things so yours becomes a one of a kind item. 
The line of products is small at the moment but I expect it to grow over time.

I would like to discuss items that you may want from pictures.
These can be obtained from catalogs or pictures of clothes taken at the store.
I have had success-duplicating pictures to adult baby clothes.

Something I have also done is to make bumpers for cribs.
The advantage is we can work a theme or cartoon character into it so it can become very personal.
We could look at a matching blankie, etc. See (EMBROIDERY)

I will try to obtain the material and themes you request.
Another avenue is to have you go to the fabric store and buy the materials and have me sew the item.
This saves money and provides you with an item you like. This will require an estimate to accomplish.

I have the ability to embroider on my sewing machine so items can be personalized and we can add cute motifs.
I can obtain any items you see here (Embroidery Library) and add them to your item; except for REDWORK
It is important to give as much info as possible when we discuss things and in your order.
The more I know the closer I can get the item you desire.

Because of the one of a kind nature of my business, we have to discuss your desires in order to give you a price.

My contact info is in the CONTACT US section