Custom orders are a major part of my business. This includes items not shown in my store.
You have always have input as to how your finished product will look.

In the past I have created Adult Baby wear from pictures.
This takes time but it is worth it to actually have a piece of clothing (in an adult size)
that you had as a toddler or baby. The vast amounts of items I can embroider (see EMBROIDARY)
onto the item and make it your personal pride and joy or bring back those long ago memories.
I can make an embroidered items from a Picture that you provide to me. (see PICTURE TO EMBROIDERY)

In many cases the customer has given me the theme (puppies, CARS, POOH, etc.)
and asked me to go with it. I am very creative and never disappointed anyone with the finished product.
I'd like to discuss with you the possibility of making that special article and give you a price quote.

Contact Us for (further) pricing or to get a quote on a custom order.